Hotmail / Outlook / iiNet / Yahoo Guidance

Take action now to ensure your receive our notifications

I use a Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo or iiNet email address - does it matter?

LookedAfter sends notifications to families via an external email gateway. We have a great sending reputation, but this doesn't guarantee that our emails will reach your inbox.

Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo use particularly strict filters. Some users report that they do not receive our notifications (even in their junk folder), even though our records confirm delivery.

If you intend to use a Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo email address for your LookedAfter account, please take two minutes to review your settings.

Users with an iiNet email address do not receive our notifications, despite our attempts to resolve the problem. Please do not enrol using an iiNet address.

What do I need to do?

Log in to your Hotmail / Outlook / Yahoo account:

  • Look for the icon and click “Options”.
  • From the left menu, look for “Junk email” and click on “Safe Senders”.
  • Add as a safe domain.

You should now receive our notifications without problem. Check your Junk folder if needed.

Do not use an iiNet email address for your LookedAfter account.

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